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Dear friends, travelers, researchers, customers and colleagues.

"Research and Travel" is a research institution, a tour operator and a cultural agency. On our website you will find detailed information about our services in travel, research and projects.

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  • Passion Play Tour 2020

    Canceled due to Corona travel restrictions and the Passion Play cancelation. Please inquire about new plans.

  • This year's private tours are currently modified or postponed in close communication with our customers. Please stay in touch. For new plans please inquire if open dates become available this year.

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    Liebe Freunde, Reisende, Forscher, Kunden und Kollegen.

    "Routes to the Roots" ist ein forschungsnah arbeitendes Institut, Reiseveranstalter und Kulturvermittler. Auf unserer Webseite erhalten sie detaillierte Informationen zu unseren Reisen, Recherchen und Projekten.

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  • 2000 Meilen durch den Mittleren Westen. Plattdeutsch in Amerika
    Neuer Termin: 08. August - 21. August 2022.
  • Kohlfahrt nach New York
    Neuer Termin: 12. - 18. Jan. 2023.

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