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  • The Palatine Emigrant in American Colonial History
It was from the Palatinate that early emigration from Germany started. By the end of the 17th century, more than 1,000,000 Palatines had already left for America. Whether they were Mennonites or Huguenots in search of religious freedom, colonists in the War of Independence, destitute men, women and families searching for a better life abroad, the "Forty-Eighters" of the German Revolution in 1848, or just simply individuals in a quest to conquer frontiers - they all were part of the emigrant experience. Through the centuries, their overwhelming numbers made the Palatinate a neighbor to America. Furthermore, after World War II, the Palatinate became home to the largest American communities to reside outside of the United States.

Thomas Nast of Landau became the "Father of the American Caricature Sketch" with more than 2.000 illustrations for Harper's Weekly. In 1735, Johann Peter Zenger's acquittal in a famous New York trial, would later become a milestone decision in the history of the freedom of press. One should not forget to mention the White House Hymn, "Hail America". It was composed by a Palatine traveling musician by the name of George Drumm of Erdesbach. 

"Research & Travel" cooperates with the Institute for Palatine History and Folk Heritage in Kaiserslautern, a widely known facility which has proved itself valuable to many researchers, as well as the emigrant museum in Oberalben, in Kusel County. R & T  has compiled a study trip to discover the rich heritage of this lovely area in Germany. Among the many interesting subjects dealt with on this tour is the story of the traveling musicians of the Palatinate.

Thomas Nast, born on September 26 1840, in Landau / Palatinate. "Cartoonist, Moralist and President-Maker"