Travel to Germany

Research and Travel Dr. Grams is germany´s leading initiative and specialist for heritage tours to germany since 1996. Dr. Grams, founder and owner of Research and Travel, is one of Germany´s most distinguished experts on the migration experience and family history. With expertise in research and professional travel services the team offers heritage tours for groups as well as private tours for individual travellers on personal itineraries.

Private Tours

Our Private Tours allow you to travel on completely personalized itineraries. We design your itinerary according to your wishes and ideas. You are kindly invited to share your tentative plans with us. We will than get back to you with our proposals and cost-estimations including possible preliminary investigations or pre-trip research. Our private tours usually have 1 to 6 participants.

Tour Planning

Our Tour Planning are tailored to your group’s needs including local heritage programs and destinations in Germany and Europe. Tours are arranged for all sizes of groups, usually from 16 to 40 participants and can be just a couple of days or a two weeks grand tour.